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The Healthy Sandwich

The Healthy Sandwich

Upgrade your lunch with these healthy recipes

Carbs in moderation are healthy and necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Just don’t overdo it!

Adding healthy toppings to your bread intake can give you the vitamins you need while enjoying the benefits of carbohydrates such as: increased serotonin levels, sharpened memory skills and a trimmer waistline.

Try these deliciously healthy sandwiches!

The Tuna Sandwich:

Turn your tuna into a salade nicoise on bread!
Toss solid white tuna with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. In a bowl, combine 5 black olives with 1tsp lemon juice and 1tbsp of chopped fresh parsley. Layer with Cellone’s Wheat Homestyle or Cellone’s Honey Whole Grain, a sliced tomato and a sliced hard-boiled egg. Top with olive relish.

The Leftover with Rotisserie Chicken:

Combine Italian and Thai for one delicious sandwich!
Combine 2 tbsp. of peanut butter with ½ tsp of Sriracha and ½ tsp lime juice. Spread onto Cellone’s Italian bread then layer with rotisserie chicken, cumbers and carrot and top with fresh basil.

The Traditional Californian:

A classic that has all the healthy in one sandwich!
On Cellone’s Honey Whole Grain bread add humus, cucumbers, sprouts, carrots, tomato and onion. Vegetarian and vegan it checks all the boxes for healthy!

Cellone’s breads and rolls have no high fructose corn syrup, no trans-fat and no cholesterol.

Cellone’s Bread Co. is committed to genuinely traditional, extraordinarily delicious breads and proud to be serving generations of families.

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