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Remembering Jay Cellone

As you shop for ingredients for your family’s feast, we hope you’ll keep the joy and togetherness of the holiday in your heart. Whether your family is the one you’re born with or the one you picked, the people closest to us enrich our lives and make the good days brighter, the bad days bearable, and remind us of the simple joys.  This year, the Cellone family remembers our dear Jay Cellone, a beloved husband, grandfather,...


5 Memorial Day Weekend Recipes Using Cellone’s Bread

Red, White and Blue! It’s time to honor the memory of those who have passed away in military service. After you have taken the time to visit their resting places, leave flowers, and remember their sacrifices, gather with family and friends to enjoy a long weekend of (hopefully) sunny weather and a nice meal together. Cellone’s Bakery has come up with 5 recipes that include our products and can be made on the grill to...


Bread Hacks: What to do with that fresh, leftover bread.

Do you have leftover bread in your kitchen that you don't want to go to waste? Put your worries to rest; bread can be used for more than just eating! Here at Cellone's, we would like to share some bread hacks on using that fresh, leftover bread.  Remove Stains- Bread is an excellent natural cleaner. White or rye bread rolled into a ball is like an eraser that can lift stains of walls, wallpaper, kitchen cabinets,...


The History of the Sandwich

When you’re hungry, sometimes a sandwich can be exactly what you need. From the heartiness of the bread, to the protein and delicious toppings in-between, it’s no wonder why sandwiches are one of the most popular lunch choices today. It’s hard to imagine a life without sandwiches, but their popularity wasn’t always so present. According to history, the sandwich we know and love today was created in 1762 in England. Most food historians agree that the...

Grill Out and Chill Out with These Burger Recipes

Grilling season is in full swing and Cellone’s hamburger and Kaiser buns are the perfect foundation for a great burger - The next time you grill, try these hamburger ideas (and yes we have a veggie option) to add some fun to your evening. THE HAWAIIAN: Grill 8oz burger and top with a grilled slice of fresh pineapple, smoked ham and fresh baby spinach (the pineapple acts as a sauce) THE CARAMELIZED RED ONION: Grill 8...

Cellone’s Bread: Baked with Family Traditions

During the holidays, members of the Cellone family get together to tell stories of past years, remember our history and enjoy each other’s company. With three generations currently working and managing the bakery there is no shortage of memories. The third generation vaguely remembers the founders who in 1911 bought a small house in Bridgeville, PA. The two brothers, Raffaele and Antonio, emigrated from Torino, Italy with less than $50 dollars between the two of...

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