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Company History

Pittsburgh Local Since 1911

Family owned and operated since 1911

Now in its fourth generation of family ownership in Pittsburgh, PA, the Cellone’s tradition of baking dates back to the old country, to the city of Torino, in Northern Italy. The original founders, Antonio and Raffaele Cellone, immigrated to America in 1909 to seek their fortunes.

Bringing their family recipes and hearth-style baking with them, the brothers built a brick oven in the basement of their house. They soon started baking and delivering their Italian baked goods throughout the neighborhood, door-to- door, by the use of a horse drawn wagon. Over the years, the family business grew out of the home and moved into several larger buildings to meet the demands of the growing number of customers in and around the Pittsburgh region.

As Cellone’s bakery and family grew and they became known for their authentic Italian baked goods, they innovated by developing new lines of products. Cellone’s was the first bakery in the United States to invent and produce the Egg Bun, which has become an American bakery favorite. Cellone’s continued to customize products for customers and in 2004 started their Thaw and Serve line that distributes fresh frozen breads and rolls across the country.

Today, Cellone’s is a fully automated bakery, combining state-of- the-art technology with nearly 100 years of Italian-style baking experience. In 2015 Cellone’s opened a 110,000 sq. foot facility in the Crafton area of Pittsburgh. Cellone’s continues to grow and innovate creating custom products for restaurants and institutions. The Cellone family is proud to say that they were able to realize the American dream and pass the family legacy down from generation to generation.

Cellone’s reputation is built on quality products and first-rate service, and they have established themselves as one of the leading Wholesale bakeries in the industry. They deliver the freshest baked goods daily, distributing frozen products nationally.

The Cellone’s tradition has remained unchanged over the years … A pledge to integrity in business, maintaining a personal relationship with their customers, and the adherence to the freshest and highest quality of standards in their baking products.

Raffaele Cellone & wife Teresa
1st generation: Raffaele Cellone & wife Teresa
Ernie and Kathryn Cellone
2nd generation: Ernie and Kathryn Cellone
Ernie Cellone Family
3rd generation: the whole family
Bakery 1960
Bakery 1960
Bakery 1950
Bakery 1950
Bakery 1925
Bakery 1925
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