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Happy Thanksgiving from the Cellone Family

Thanksgiving isn’t the same without stuffing! And the best recipes are those handed down through generations. This stuffing recipe was made every holiday by Kathryn Cellone (or “Grams” as she was known, 2nd generation owner/baker of Cellone’s Italian Bread Co.). This recipe is a little different and in our opinion, takes all of the best aspects of what a stuffing should be and puts it all together.

The Cellone Family Oyster and Beef Stuffing


½ stick of butterCroutons
1 onion, chopped
2-3 celery sticks, chopped
½ lb ground beef
1 10oz bag of Cellone’s croutons
1 3.75 oz can of fancy smoked oysters
2 eggs
Salt and pepper to taste
Heavy cream or milk to moisten (if baking outside of the turkey)


Saute in skillet: Using the ½ stick of butter, saute the onions and celery sticks until the onions
are a light brown


In a separate skillet: Combine beef with salt and pepper and cook thoroughly until brown and
then strain any excess fat


In a bowl, combine: Cellone’s Croutons, oysters and the juice and 2 eggs. Add in the onions
and celery mixture including the butter. Then fold in the beef. Depending on how moist
you like your stuffing, milk or heavy cream can be added, usually not more than 1/3 c is needed.


The stuffing is meant to be cooked inside the turkey, and the recipe can be doubled for a larger bird. This recipe is for a 12-14 lb. bird.


Leftovers? No problem! We like to take all the fixings to make the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich!


Pick up some brie cheese when you’re doing your Thanksgiving grocery shopping because there is nothing like a Thanksgiving leftover panini – don’t have a panini press? then get out the griddle for a grilled cheese.


Thanksgiving Panini



2 Slices of Cellone’s Sliced or Thick Sliced Italian Bread
1-2 Tbsp Cranberry Sauce – we make our own with a very simple cranberry sauce but pre-made will do
Turkey Breast slices – shaved thin
1-2 Basil Leaves
Brie Cheese
Butter for the outside of the bread


On a skillet or panini press, heat until cheese melts.




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