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Enjoy A Good Old-Fashioned Picnic!

Cellones bread and sandwiches

Enjoy A Good Old-Fashioned Picnic!

Cellones SandwichThere are so many events to look forward to in early fall…tailgating, Oktoberfest, autumn leaves, going back to school, and the good old-fashioned picnic!

Hearty breads and rolls from Cellone’s are the foundation to a perfect sandwich. Our Hearth-baked Rolls layered with ham or chicken make delicious little sandwiches for kids’ lunchboxes.

For the perfect autumn picnic, bring a loaf of hard crust Italian bread with you – slice it and spread it with a pesto sauce, mozzarella and tomato or prepare something hearty and delicious with the Italian picnic loaf.

Italian Picnic Loaf

1 loaf of hard crust Italian bread
1 round of mozzarella cheese
Several basil leaves
Extra virgin olive oil to coat the inside of the bread
4 roasted red peppers
1/2lb of prosciutto
1/2lb of Italian speck
1/2lb of salami
1 large ripe tomato
Aioli to taste

Cut the top off your loaf and hollow out the insides.  Spread the inside of the loaf with extra virgin olive oil and layer your ingredients.  Then replace the top of the loaf as a lid and wrap the sandwich in cling wrap.

Place the sandwich in the fridge with a heavy chopping board on top to compress it. Leave in refrigerator for approximately 8 hours before serving. Mix this sandwich up any way you like it.

On your next picnic – Bring Cellone’s with you!

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