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Bread Hacks: What to do with that fresh, leftover bread.


Bread Hacks: What to do with that fresh, leftover bread.

Do you have leftover bread in your kitchen that you don’t want to go to waste? Put your worries to rest; bread can be used for more than just eating! Here at Cellone’s, we would like to share some bread hacks on using that fresh, leftover bread. 

  1. Remove Stains– Bread is an excellent natural cleaner. White or rye bread rolled into a ball is like an eraser that can lift stains of walls, wallpaper, kitchen cabinets, and more.

  2. Grease Spills– Take a piece of bread and lay it over the stain, pressing gently until it disappears.

  3. Stop crying over onions– Next time you are cutting onions, place a slice of fresh white bread into your mouth with just the end sticking out. The bread should soak up the gas the onion releases as it’s being cut before it reaches your eyes.

  4. Treat Calluses– Soak a piece of bread in apple cider vinegar, place it on the callus, tape the bread slice in place, cover it in plastic wrap, and let it sit overnight.

  5. Bring back stale marshmallows– Put a piece of bread in a plastic bag with the marshmallows, seal it and give them a few days to sit. The marshmallows should become fluffy again.

  6. Pick up glass– Picking up small pieces of broken glass can be tricky, but bread can help! Press it gently on the area, and it will pick up all the tiny details.

  7. Keep cake fresh– Cake can stale quickly after being cut. Put a slice of bread against the cut part to keep it fresh.

  8. Clean old paintings– you can rub the soft spot of the white bread all over the picture. Be gentle, and just run the bread over the surface. It works like a sponge to pull off the grime and dust.

  9. Removing Splinters– wet a piece of white bread with hot water, then place the bread over the injured skin patch. Then tie a handkerchief over the bread to hold it in place until you feel the bread go cold. The bread should draw out the offending item by softening the surrounding skin. 

Fresh bread can be used for everyday things, so can stale bread. Here are just a few things you can do with your stale bread.

  1. Breadcrumbs– The easiest way to use stale bread? Make breadcrumbs. You can toast them or leave them “raw,” then throw them in the freezer for later use.

  2. Bread Pudding- Stale bread will suck up all that delicious, sweet custard in bread pudding.

  3. Croutons- Dice your old bread and fry quickly in olive oil for homemade croutons.

  4. Feed the birds- Stale bread can be a lifeline for birds in the winter as long as it’s part of a varied diet.

So, there you have it; not all leftover bread must go to waste. It can help solve everyday problems or be made into something else. Next time you are thinking about throwing out your left 

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