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Specialty Bread

For Restaurants and delis that are seeking an alternative to the traditional Italian Hardcrust loaf, we offer loaves in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s taste…Sandwich Rings and Brick Rolls to Bagels and Monster Buns.
Product Name Item #
12” Seeded Sandwich Ring 739
12” Plain Sandwich Ring 730
16” Seeded Sandwich Ring 783
16” Plain Sandwich Ring 775
3 foot Seeded Hoagie 744
3 foot Hoagie 923
6 foot Seeded Hoagie 926
2pk 6″ Flat Rolls 767
4pk Monster Buns 773
5pk White Pita 455
5pk Wheat Pita 456
Plain Focaccia 755
Olive Focaccia 756
6pk White Bagel 2.8oz 800
6pk Cinnamon Raisin Bagel 2.8oz 801
6pk Wheat Bagel 2.8oz 804
6pk Blueberry Bagel 2.8oz 802
6pk Lg White Bagel 4oz 761

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